Love and Terror
Oh Brilliance
Last To Know
Labour Of Love
Baby Blue Sycophant
Discipline and Deep Water


Ordinary Angels
Book Song
Paper, Bullets, Walls

Marvin The Album:
(Tracks only on the Australian 1992 pressing)

Out Of My Sight

Labour Of Love single:
(The CD also features tracks from Whirled and Clunk, above)

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Other B-Sides, Rareties, Etc.:

Accidently Kelly Street (acoustic)
Accidently Kelly Street (Live in Amsterdam)
Bill's O Bubblin


Careless (Angie Hart; Paul Kelly cover, from tribute album)
Clare (Fairground Attraction cover)
Clouds (Go Betweens tribute)
Cuscutlan (live, Listen Up College Radio Show)
Face Like A Spider

Get Real
Hallelujah (Vocals: David McCormick; Produced by Simon Austin)
Horrible (acoustic version)
Horrible (live, Listen Up College Radio Show)
I Miss You
I Want You Back (2-Meter Session; Jackson 5 cover)
Labour Of Love (2-Meter Session)
Lonely (acoustic)
Lonely (Live In Amsterdam)
Many Wings / Here You Come Again
(Dolly Parton cover)
Most Beautiful (acoustic)
Most Beautiful (live, Listen Up College Radio Show)
Oh Brilliance (Live Vara Radio Holland)
Oh Brilliance (live on Triple J, AUS)
Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sun Shine In

Ordinary Angels
Ordinary Angels (Live Vara Radio Holland)
Ruby's Arms
(Tom Waits cover)
Sit On My Hands (live, Listen Up College Radio Show)
Somethin' Stoopid
(Frank and Nancy Sinatra cover)
Testimony (Live Vara Radio Holland)
Testimony (live, Listen Up College Radio Show)
Thinking Darling
Why'd You Do It? (Marianne Faithful cover)


The Destroyer (acousdelic)
Dub On My Hands
(single version)
No Time (Something Fishy mix)
Ordinary Angels (7" remix)
Ordinary Angels (Ayonarra mix)
Sit On My Hands (remix)
Sit On My Hands (@)
What's Come Over Me (Robin Guthrie remix)
What's Come Over Me (The Angel's Sub Journey mix)
What's Come Over Me (Angel's Frampton Comes Alive mix)
What's Come Over Me (Pentatonik mix)

Guest Appearances:

Anything (The Angel, featuring Angie Hart)
A Real Miracle (Four Hours Sleep w/ Angie Hart)
Betrayl Takes Two
(Jules Shear w/ Angie Hart)

Deep Down (The Baldwin Brothers featuring Angie Hart)
Give Me Your Love (Radio Edit - 60 Channels featuring Angie Hart)
Give Me Your Love (album version)
Give Me Your Love (the angel's supa crucial mix)
Marshall (Tlot Tlot, featuring Angie Hart) More Tlot Tlot MP3s
Our House
(Kate Cerebrano w/ Angie Hart)
Stick To My Fingers (Four Hours Sleep w/ Angie Hart)
Tap Your Heart (60 Channels featuring Angie Hart)
Tingly (Pop! w/ Angie Hart)
Tingly (ang-elic)
Tingly (I wish my brother george martin was here)
Tingly (hartless)